Call the shots. Write the rules.

Build your legacy.


 I’ll show you how.


Your Law Firm

Should Help You… 


Build a flexible life you love

Generate wealth & stability

Bring your largest visions to life

If your firm isn’t, The CEO Club can change that.



Create Efficient Systems


Sign Clients On Autopilot

Outsource The Day-To-Day

Craft A Memorable Client Experience

Create Efficient Systems  |  Sign Clients On Autopilot  |  Outsource The Day-To-Day  |  Craft A Memorable Client Experience

Welcome To The Exclusive Club



You’ve put in the hours. Done the work. Showed up. Yet, it still feels like something is missing. Deep down, you know there’s got to be more. You want the freedom and fulfillment that inspired you to start your firm in the first place, but instead, you’ve got headaches, anxiety, and more tasks on your plate than ever before.


Turns out, the traditional, masculine approach to building and growing a law firm isn’t the only way—and honestly, I’d argue it isn’t the best way.


The CEO Club is the antithesis of everything you know about the law industry. We’re flipping the script and starting from scratch with strategic, personalized systems that allow you to fully embody your role as CEO—with less client work and more delegation, less chaos and better processes, less stagnancy and more growth. 


Because your biggest dreams aren’t out of reach— you just need the systems, strategy, and guidance to make them a reality.


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The Club Is Your Roadmap To...


Scaling to 7-figures in revenue

Consistent clients you’re excited to work with

 Strategic & repeatable systems that are smooth and efficient

Growing an unstoppable team

Outsourcing the sh*t you don’t want to do

Becoming the CEO you were born to be


I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to see where you’ll be 6 months from now.


This Could Be You 6 Months From Now

“I recommend joining the CEO club for anyone seeking personalized support in growing their law firm.

Britt's guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in helping me achieve my business goals in this first year as I transitioned from working for a law firm to building and running my own boutique practice.

I have grown my law firm much faster by increasing my client base, improving my processes, and having a clearer vision of where I want my business to go.

Membership in the CEO Club has provided me with the specific guidance I was looking for and connected me with a like-minded community of law firm owners.

That combination of 1:1 advice and access to a community is essential when you are first going out on your own.

— Elizabeth

What's it like working with Britt?

Listen to Berkley's testimonial:

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Let’s Get Right To It 


Right now, you’re tired of…

  • Inconsistent leads and even fewer clients
  • Wondering how much you’ll make each month
  • Being wrapped up in client work with no help in sight
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed with the backend of your firm
  • Being a female in a male-dominated profession & not “seeing yourself” in the success stories

When what you really want is…

  • Flexibility in your daily life and schedule 
  • A stable, abundant income 
  • To build your business from home in a cozy, oversized sweatshirt
  • Strategic, actionable advice from a woman who gets it
  • Wealth and stability

Feeling seen?

Then you’re in the right place.


Not Your Average Approach 


Traditionally, our industry is hustle and grind. Fast-paced. Long hours. Rigid rules.

But as women, we desire a business that supports our lives. That allows us to slow down and work less while making intentional strides toward abundance. 

The CEO Club was built by a woman like you for women like you. Everything you’ll learn is founded on the belief that life and business are meant to support us, not control us. Together, we’re taking action and reaching new levels, but through a manageable, intentional approach—leaving the chaotic, “bigger is always better” mentality behind for good.

Speaking Of Non-Traditional Lawyers...

I’m Britt —
a 7-figure law firm owner, business mentor, and founder of The CEO Club

I didn’t grow up surrounded by wealth, but I always knew I wanted to own a business to create an abundant, full life.

I wasn't entirely sure how to get there, but I knew I'd figure it out. 
Eventually, I landed on law and followed the traditional path of working long hours for insufficient pay at someone else’s firm.

Then, I had an inspired idea to start making Instagram content related to insurance law, and the response was surprisingly positive. I knew I was onto something when my posts began converting followers into actual clients for the firm I was working at.

After an intervention from my fiance (thanks, babe), I went all-in and officially opened my firm—so that my work resulted in money in my pocket (not my employer’s).

Fast forward six months, and I had over 150 cases and multiple employees. By the end of our first official year, my firm hit $1.78M in revenue. Today, I have a team of 16, and we’re consistently hitting numbers that genuinely feel unreal.

But beyond the revenue, I’ve had the honor of creating a firm that supports my life.

I can take multiple vacations each year without worrying about client work. I can afford my dream home with enough space to host the people I love most. And I still have enough space and freedom to pursue other projects and hobbies without my firm taking a hit. 

All of this happened because I approached the world of law differently than what we’re taught.

I created my own framework, embraced the feminine side of business, and innovated. Now, I want to help you do the same.

Because something tells me you haven’t come close to reaching your full potential, and I’m willing to prove it to you.



Lawyer Britt


My Proprietary 




Everything inside of The CEO Club was built around my signature approach—the 4Ps. 

01. Process: Clearly define and document systems for performing uniform work and creating efficiency.

02. Pitch: Create innovative sales systems that attract and convert leads consistently.

03. People: Build a team of capable, dependable people to serve clients and acquire revenue.

04. Profit: Use the first 3 Ps to produce profits that equal income for the CEO and capital to reinvest in the business.

Client Testimonial:

"When I decided to launch my firm, I immediately reached out to Britt to learn the success secrets she used when building her own $MM practice.

Thanks to Britt’s coaching, I’ve reached new career heights and tapped into my unlimited potential for maximum law firm profitability, efficiency and quality.

Once we created a business roadmap, I saw the path to success as clear as day, giving me the confidence to pursue and hit my ambitious goals." 

- Francesca Witzburg, Esq.

Welcome To The CEO Club

Where female lawyers build unshakeable & highly profitable firms


The CEO Club Experience —

What You’ll Find Inside


The CEO Club is a 6-month group coaching program with two monthly group calls, daily 1:1 support via Voxer, on-demand courses, and access to many supplemental resources and support.  No cohort is the same—we tailor the curriculum and calls to meet the group's unique needs.

Not only will you receive expert guidance and support from me, but you’ll also find community and collaboration with the other women in the club (because we all know it gets lonely at the top—now, it doesn’t have to).


Live Group Coaching Calls

We’ll meet via Zoom for a live coaching call every other week. These calls include a training around a topic relevant to the group’s needs, and an “anything goes” Q&A. They are truly the foundation of The Club and where most of your hands-on learning and growth will occur (plus the most immediate access to me).

Daily 1:1 Support

Using Voxer, I’ll provide ongoing 1:1 and group support between calls. You can message your individual questions to me directly or add them to the group chat. I will check-in with you on an individual basis every week and share additional content that furthers discussions had during coaching calls. This is also where I’ll share Club reminders, links, and content.

On-Demand Programs

As part of your CEO Club experience, you have access to all Lawyer Britt on-demand courses, including Accelerated CEO (my process for building a self-running company), From Content to Clients (how to generate consistent clients through online content), Law Firm Launch, and the CEO Sales Bootcamp (creating a sales system to sign clients on autopilot).


Want More 1:1 Support?
Upgrade to VIP


If you’re ready to supercharge your growth with personalized 1:1 support in tandem with the rest of The Club’s offerings, VIP is for you.

As a VIP, you gain access to one private coaching call per month. These calls are completely customized to your needs and goals—we can discuss and tweak your strategy, analyze metrics, and make a clear path for your next steps.

It’s like custom coaching meets group program for the ultimate leg-up in the law world.

Pricing & Logistics


The CEO Club is kept intentionally intimate and small to ensure everyone gets adequate support and guidance. It’s important to me that this experience is unlike any other educational program you’ve taken part in and that everyone inside of The Club is truly a great fit.

This is why your first step is submitting a simple application with details about your current challenges, practice area, team, and goals. After applying, you’ll hear back within 48 business hours about your next steps (including a link to officially enroll).




Your Dreams

Aren’t Too Big


I get it—sometimes it feels like you should just be grateful for where you’re at and stop dreaming about a bigger, more fulfilling vision, especially when it feels like that vision is so far away.

But in case no one’s told you lately, I want to say this loud and clear: Your desire for a successful, fulfilling, wealthy, and supportive life and career is possible.

You’re not crazy for wanting more. In fact, I think that level of confidence and drive proves that you have what it takes to be in a completely different spot by this time next year. And I sincerely hope The CEO Club will be part of your success story.