CEO Training Bundle



Start & Grow Your 7-Figure Law Firm with Freedom, Ease, & Flow

Learn how to start your firm, land (more) dream clients, and scale to a 7-figure empire – in one value-packed bundle

The Bundle Includes:

01. CEO 4-part Sales Call Training

Discover the simple, yet extremely effective 4-part sales call framework I’ve used to close nearly 1000 clients for my firm…in as little as 6 minutes per call. 

02. Start your Law Firm Livestream Replay

Thinking about launching your own firm? Find out 4 things you absolutely need to know before going out on your own (that you’ve probably never heard before!). 

03. Accelerated Content Workshop

Learn my proven process for creating killer social media content that attracts and converts dream clients – in just 1 hour per week.

04. Build Your Million-Dollar Law Firm Mini-Training

Learn the exact 4-part framework I used to build my million-dollar business system, that can help you build your dream law firm – whatever that looks like for you. 

You’ve been dreaming of living life on your own terms:


Having a profitable business and building real wealth without being in a constant state of hustling and grinding.


Waking up every morning and feeling the freedom of knowing you have no boss to report to. You are the “boss.”


Closing your laptop at 3 pm and spending the rest of the day being present with your family.

You deserve a business that brings you more of what you want. The CEO Training Bundle helps you build that business.


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