You have the ambition to become more than just your typical attorney or solo.


Making $60k a year working 60-hour weeks? Not my vibe.


You want to take back your time and your life—and still make the big bucks.




Maybe you recently started your law firm, but you feel kind of lost and you need guidance on how to make it all work—and make more money!


Maybe you already have a law firm, but you are looking for the tools and structure that will take it to the next level.

Accelerated CEO is your elite guide to becoming the owner of a thriving law firm


(not just self-employed and skating by)


and create a life of time FREEDOM, massive INCOME, and incredible IMPACT.

Tell me…


Are you ready to make $50k months your new normal?

Are you ready to never waste time on an admin task again? 


Do you want to easily delegate ALL the tasks you don’t like doing?


Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day, and your to-do list is always growing?


Do you struggle with bringing in clients consistently (and growing your income)?


Are you tired of never having enough time to take a vacation?


Are you ready to say hello to smooth, easy work days and goodbye to stress and chaos? 


Are you ready to be the proud owner of a thriving law firm?


If you said YES, then you’re in the right place.


YES that's me


Accelerated CEO teaches you how to become the CEO of a thriving law firm


with a team, systems, and income to match


... not just a burnt-out solo or self-employed.

You’re a future law firm CEO if…


You close your eyes and imagine a life where you have freedom over your schedule, and can finally take that afternoon pilates class (or get a mid-day massage)


You imagine FINALLY having a team working FOR YOU, instead of trying to do it all yourself.


Instead of answering 20 emails and calling an upset client, you want a TEAM handling everything so you can get work done in peace.


You want  an easy-to-follow plan to take you from “saving up to start your law firm” to “law firm owner” before the end of the year.


You want to replace your big law firm salary—without doing all the big law firm work.


You don’t want to choose between a 7-figure income and taking time off to travel—you want to have both.


You dream about your wealth, freedom, and lifestyle when you’re able to finally become a true business CEO and step into your highest self.


This is the life we are creating inside of Accelerated CEO


Let's freaking go!

Accelerated CEO teaches you everything you need to set up your business for growth:


1)  Creating systems and processes to run your firm on autopilot

2)  Setting up a sales system that attracts new, paying clients every day

3)  Building a team to scale your business without burning out

4)  Reaching incredible revenue and making a wild profit

5)  Structuring your law firm for rapid growth

6)  Thinking and making decisions like a CEO





What’s inside Accelerated CEO:



CEO Mindset

  • Setting Your Next-Level Goals
  • Using the Process Pitch People Profit framework
  • Creating Your Mindset
  • Thought-Shifting Principles for Success
  • Choosing your Why
  • Next-Level Decisions Making Strategies



Process: Your Company System

  • What are Processes?
  • The Processes You Need in Your Business
  • How to Create Your Processes
  • Using Automation in Your Processes
  • Crafting the Client Experience
  • Making Your Business Flow Seamlessly
  • Optimizing Your Law Firm Process



Pitch: Your Sales System

  • Setting Up Your Sales System
  • Attracting Leads
  • Social Media Marketing Mastery
  • Converting Leads
  • Creating Your 5-Part Sales Funnel
  • Drafting Your 3- Part Sales Pitch
  • Following Up with Leads
  • Nailing Your Networking
  • Creating Referral Funnels



People: Building Your Team

  • When to start building a team
  • Who to hire first in your team
  • How to find and hire great people
  • Being a Great Interviewer
  • How and what to pay your team
  • Training and Onboarding new team members
  • Drafting Employee Contracts and Team Handbook
  • How to manage a team simply
  • Tracking team member KPIs and profitability



Profit: Being Well Supported

  • Creating a plan to reach your financial goals 
  • Setting your business budget
  • What financial KPIs to track in your business
  • Typical business costs and how to estimate them
  • What to charge to maximize profitability 
  • Accounting and Taxes 101
  • How to pay yourself (and how much)
  • Using credit card points to book free vacations and upgrades
  • Working on your money mindset to increase your income

18+ hours of content for building your successful law firm


You're going to


 these bonus programs


Teaching you the exact sales strategies and methods I’ve used to close hundreds of clients and cases worth millions of dollars.

Million-Dollar Systems Masterclass

How to set up efficient and simple systems to run your firm on autopilot (and make millions doing it!)

Law Firm VA

A step-by-step guide to hiring and training $8/hour Virtual Assistants to save hours of your time and get nominal tasks off your plate.


Why Accelerated CEO?


Let me take you back to 2018. I was a young attorney… and I was miserable. I was burning the candle at both ends in my “cushy” big law firm job. I was making no money. I was getting yelled at all the time. The people around me were unenthusiastic about life and had no ambition. It was so awful, I thought about crashing my car on the way to work (just a little fender bender) so I wouldn’t have to go.


I thought to myself, this can’t be all there is… this can’t be the life I’m going to live the next 40 years. I dreamt of a life where I could travel all over the world multiple times a year; where I could work alongside people with zest and passion for life; where I could create something big and impactful; and where I could build real wealth and a meaningful life. 


Fast forward to October 2020: I launched my law firm from my living room at just 28 years old. 

I was terrified, but I told myself to

In 2021, my law firm hit $1.78 MILLION in revenue. We grew to a team of 15 amazing peopleAnd since then, we have helped hundreds of clients and made millions more.


More than that, building my law firm has given me LIFE. I no longer want to crash my car on the way to work (I don’t actually commute to work anymore. Virtual law firms FTW!) I take luxury vacations multiple times a year (hello, first class). And I wake up every day excited to continue growing my firm.


In 2023, I made it my mission to help 100 other lawyers build their own law firms and create their high-end life.


And I hope YOU will be one of them.

Make this Investment in Yourself:

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When I decided to launch my firm, I immediately reached out to Britt to learn the success secrets she used when building her own $MM practice.

Thanks to Britt’s coaching, I’ve reached new career heights and tapped into my unlimited potential for maximum law firm profitability, efficiency and quality.

Once we created a business roadmap, I saw the path to success as clear as day, giving me the confidence to pursue and hit my ambitious goals. 

- Francesca Witzburg, Esq.



Everything I ever dreamed about— travel, lifestyle, wealth— was on the other side of building my dream law firm business.


Your dream life is on the other side, too.


You have what it takes. You have the ambition, the drive, the desire. What you need is the guidance and expertise to turn that action into success. And that's what I'm offering you in Accelerated CEO.

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